New Campaign

The Adventure Begins

The Morbid And Drear

The town of Ratabaal is a quaint little hamlet that people come from. Most of the town is unremarkable and this is why you have found yourselves inside a tavern called, The Morbid And Drear. The flagstones underfoot are uneven, the the bar is wears the scars of thousands of tankards and the pervasive musk is both rich and tangy. It is, in short, a well loved and fantastic dive. Being early int he day there is only one other patron. A troll, hunkered on a creaking, old stool with a drink sitting in front of him. The barmen is wiping down the bar when you enter but upon seeing you grabs a tankard and starts to clean it. Slightly too quickly, he rattles it back in its place and then checks the taps on the barrels. In only a few seconds he is satisfied and starts to wipe down the bar again.


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